Are Penis Enlargement Pumps The Real Deal?

Are Penis Enlargement Pumps The Real Deal?Want to make your penis larger that it has ever been before? Wish you could also make your erections harder, and perform better in the bedroom? Who has not wished for all these things at some point!

If you have, too, then you may want to have a look into the world of penis enlargement pumps. Here, we will do just that. We will talk to you about two popular brands on the market, testimonials, prices, how these work, and much more.

How These Work

These are based on mostly the same principle that many enhancement pills do. They basically flood the penile area with more blood than normal. This extra blood in your cock helps:

  • Your member to appear larger.
  • Can make it much more sensitive.
  • Can make your erection last for longer.

Pumps help to bring more blood to the groin area through the use of suction applied directly to your dick. The type of suction, or how this device creates this, may differ from product to product.

2 Main Penis Pumps

1. Bathmate

Bathmate HerculesThe Bathmate (BM) is one of the most popular penis pumps, worldwide. It´s creators promise growth in both size and girth that is instantly noticeable.

What is more, they states that men who use this one may be able to gain 1-2 inches of length, and 1 inch or circumference. All but 5% of men who used it saw results, every time. Not only did their penises appear larger, but they could also maintain an erection for longer, and their erection seemed harder than ever before.

For years, this brand has been very well known and very trusted. Better yet, they have recently made improvements of their product to make it even better than before.


How to Use It

The Bathmate is easy to use:

  • You can use it while you are taking a shower or a bath.
  • Simply fill the tube with water and put it over the length of your cock.
  • Pump it up for a few seconds, then go about washing yourself in the shower.
  • Be sure to do pumping every 5 minutes to keep the suction up.
  • You can leave it on for up to 20 minutes after you have first pumped it up.

That’s it! You should see results as soon as you are finished.

What Others Say

Other men, just like you, have reported:

  • Instant gaining of inches when it comes to their length.
  • This is so simple to use and that they use this product on a regular basis.
  • They have not seen any ill effects.
  • Their erections are actually harder than they have been before.
  • They can last much longer in bed.

Their partners are also very surprised and pleased with the overall results especially that it works so very fast, in just the period of a few short minutes.

2. Penomet

Penomet PumpPenomet is another very good and well known device for getting bigger. Many actually consider this to be a better deal than the brand above, even though Bathmate is more popular. This is mostly because:

  • This brand offer better results.
  • Have a more comfortable design.
  • Is cheaper.
  • It allows you to completely control the suction when it comes to making your phallus larger.

What is more, the manufacturer promises very noticeable results (up to 4 inches, which is amazing) in as little as 15 minutes. Not only that, but they boast that your erection will last longer, be harder, and could possibly lead to not just temporary, but also permanent gains in your overall penile length and girth.


How to Use It

Just like the previous brand, the Penomet is a water assisted enlargement pump. You should:

  • Simply choose your gaiter to control the suction (you will want to start out with the smallest amount).
  • Fill it with water.
  • Place it over your penile shaft and pump it up.
  • Then, leave it on for up to 20 minutes, pumping again every few minutes to maintain suction.
  • Just push the button at the top to gradually decrease the pressure.

That is it! You can use stronger gaiters as you become more experienced with it.

What Others Say

Customers report loving their Penomet devices. They point out that:

  • These totally deliver on all the promises made by the company.
  • They are often amazed at how they can see such amazing results in just a few minutes, from the very first time of using it.
  • Some of them say they have gained up to 3 inches, instantly.
  • Others say they have also seen a boost in not only stamina, length, and girth, but also in their overall self-confidence.
  • Compared to other brands, many consider this to be an absolute steal, especially when compared to other brands.

Bathmate & Penomet Price Comparison

Although Bathmate is more popular, it is actually more expensive than Penomet. Some may choose BM because the name is better known and more well trusted.

However, a Penomet is a fantastic option if you are searching for a deal, or you are on a limited budget! Also, remember that there are also other brands and types of penis pumps on the market you could consider.

Extra advice! Feel free to do more research on your own before you decide what kind of brand to actually invest in. You might be able to find an even better deal on these brands (or others) online.

3 Helpful Tips

Check out before deciding. 

Please, read these as they may help you avoid doing mistakes:

  1. Do not overdo it – Be sure to not use your pump on a daily basis for a very long period of time. Doing so can actually make it difficult to achieve an erection without it.
  2. Alternative ways – Pills, weights, or surgery to increase length may also be other options that you could look into.
  3. Consult with professionals – Be sure to talk to your doctor about whether or not this method might work for you if you are looking to increase the length of your cock. Your doctor can help to advise you on particular products, medications, and more.
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  • not sure

    I heard of penis pumps in my day, never have I ever considered using one. I had a friend who used one ages ago, said he liked it until he injured himself. Don’t ask me how, he never told me, he just said it hurt really bad one day and had to stop.

    I am interested in it a bit, mainly because I’ve gotten a bit fatter over the years and I am kind of interested in trying this one out.

  • Andy Doure

    I must say, penis pumps are fantastic devices. I used one in the past, and stopped for a while. I am really interested in using them again to increase my size. I know they usually don’t keep your penis the size you want, it will go back to normal after awhile, but it’s fun to make it bigger for a night of sex. ;)

  • Brock

    I used one when I was around my early 20’s. I liked how odd it felt. I used another fairly recently when I purchased a cheap one from a sex shop. I am thinking about checking out this bathmate pump. I like when you can do it all in the shower, makes life so much easier.

  • PumpItUp

    I am so checking these out. I’ve always wanted a good penis pump since my last one broke. Not sure how, I guess it happened during a robbery and the person who found it must have realized what it was and just tossed it to the floor. I am interested in what bathmate has to sell, but they’re too expensive for my tastes. So I will be going with penomet for this one. Thanks for sharing dude. :)

  • Zachary

    I really wish I had the money to get either of these brands. Unfortunately I will probably have to settle for some cheaper model at another site, even though these ones look very promising and worthy of my money, I just don’t have the cash. Nice article though, it was a good read and was very informative.