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Are Penis Enlargement Pumps The Real Deal?

Are Penis Enlargement Pumps The Real Deal?Want to make your penis larger that it has ever been before? Wish you could also make your erections harder, and perform better in the bedroom? Who has not wished for all these things at some point!

If you have, too, then you may want to have a look into the world of penis enlargement pumps. Here, we will do just that. We will talk to you about two popular brands on the market, testimonials, prices, how these work, and much more. Continue reading the article…

The OMG Guide to Male Enhancement Surgery

The OMG Guide To Male Enhancement SurgeryIf you have found that penile exercises aren’t working you could try a penis enlargement surgery.

What is great is the fact that this procedure can be done to help add inches to your size and/or could widen your phallus. However, many men are not very happy with the results as they often expect to gain more than it is possible.

If you are still considering putting yourself under scalpel to increase your size then you will find following paragraphs very helpful and informative for you.

2 Types of Surgeries & Procedures

Sadly, these are not done on men who are of average size that is detailed below:

  • Flaccid: Between 3 to 5 inches.
  • Erected: Between 5 and 7 inches.

However, these are performed on those men who truly have small penises. Usually, one which is smaller than 3 inches is called micropenis. Continue reading the article…

Make Your Manhood Bigger with These Awesome Exercises

If you would like to enlarge your manhood without having surgery you could try some of the workouts mentioned below. These would be excellent to try before you think about having surgery.

Enlargement Exercises That Might Change (Not Only) Your Life

Make Your Manhood Bigger With These Awesome Exercises

Jelqing is another name out there. This term was created in Arabia. There fathers would help their sons by preparing them for sexual relationships.

They would massage the son’s phallus to increase their sizes. This method of jelqing can reach the most intense results. Continue reading the article…