Make Your Manhood Bigger with These Awesome Exercises

If you would like to enlarge your manhood without having surgery you could try some of the workouts mentioned below. These would be excellent to try before you think about having surgery.

Enlargement Exercises That Might Change (Not Only) Your Life

Make Your Manhood Bigger With These Awesome Exercises

Jelqing is another name out there. This term was created in Arabia. There fathers would help their sons by preparing them for sexual relationships.

They would massage the son’s phallus to increase their sizes. This method of jelqing can reach the most intense results.

You would start with a jelqing warm up. The male organ consists in part of spongiosum which is spongy tissue. It works in a way that more blood can be held. This will help it to become enlarged. The idea is that when you regularly follow this technique you will finally discover that your “tool” will become enhanced whether it is limp or erect.

That Jelqing King Is Here

The jelqing workouts, which are done daily, will require you to work out around 20-30 minutes. You should:

  • To begin a workout you need to warm up. You could take a hot shower but if that isn’t possible then you have the option of doing the manual warm up. The manual warm up is taking a warm wash cloth and wrapping it around your tool for 5 minutes.

Pay Attention: You want to increase the blood flow. Warming it up will help with the effectiveness while using the jelqing exercises.However, never perform this while your tool is fully erect.

If you want to use the jelqing for the length increase you will want to first start with the warm up. Once you have completed the warm up you will want to add lubricant. You will apply a moderate amount and then work it into a semi-erect condition.

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To begin your workout you will:

  • Grip your tool with your thumb and forefinger at the base of your phallus.
  • You will want to squeeze tight enough that you will delay most, but not all, of the blood that flows out of your manhood. (During this you should not be experiencing any pain).
  • You will want to ease your grip if you do experience any.

The Other Hand

Your other hand will be:

  • Placed above the grip and will begin a slow and stroking motion. This will start to push the blood into your penis’ head.
  • You will continue this for 5 minutes. During this process you will want to have a semi-erect tool. If this arouses you in any way STOP until it subsides.
  • This workout is to be done once a day and only for 5 days a week.

When you would like to work on the girth you will perform the warm up first. After that is complete you will be ready to begin the girth expansion. This will be the same technique as in the length improvement, you will apply lubricant. You will also need a semi-erect dick for that.

Using the same grip you will squeeze it at the base. You will want to do this firm enough to limit the blood flow. There should be no discomfort. Your free hand will:

  • Grip the shaft of your dick just under the head.
  • You will begin to stroke it slowly downwards to the base. As you are doing this you are squeezing the blood outwards.
  • Then, you will restart this and inch down the shaft. You will continue to do this until you have reached the base.
  • The girth exercise should be done once a day and for 5 days a week.

Flaccid Stretching – What Is That???

Another workout to try is flaccid stretching. The pubic bone has ligaments which suspends one half of your cock inside your body. Ligaments can become less flexible and can stretch out with time.

The idea of this is to stretch. You don’t want to tear or yank. You will need to:

  • Start at the base of the flaccid cock.
  • With your hand you will begin to gently pull it straight out. By doing this you are slowly stretching the ligament that is at the base. The pull should be gentle, slow, and gradual.
  • You will want to hold this for 10-15 seconds.
  • You will release and wait 15 seconds.
  • You will repeat this process a total of three times.
  • This exercise can be done three times a day for 5 days a week.

Some Tips You Will Like My Friend

Tip No. 1: Something you could try is talking with your partner. You may find that by breaking the ice it could put some spark into your sex life.

Tip No. 2: You could try losing some weight. By being overweight it might look like you have a smaller one when actually you don’t. By participating in a regular belly fat burning routine it could make a huge difference. Being in shape will also give you more endurance during sex.

Tip No. 3: You could try trimming your pubic hair. If you have a lot of pubic hair at the base of your cock it could possibly make your tool look shorter. It could become more sensitive if you cut the hair.

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Here Is The Feedback

There was a survey that was completed. There were 398 men who participated in the penile exercises. Here are some results:

  • There was an average gain of 1 inch in length and the girth was ½ inch.
  • Their size increased by 42 percent.
  • It took three months or more to be a half size bigger than what they were when they started.

When it involves a nonsurgical method there is little scientific support about enlarging your device. When it comes to working out it appears to be safe but they could lead to scar formation, disfigurement and pain. There have been no scientific studies which would indicate that this technique proves to be effective in increasing the size.

You have many different choices when it comes to ways to enlarge your penis. There are many different techniques you can choose from. You will need to see which one works the best for you.

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  • YOYO

    I’ve tried many techniques to increase size, but so far nothing has worked. I tried medication first, that wasn’t for me obviously. I might try this jelqing technique, not sure if it sounds that appealing to me, but I should at least try it. The stretch method sound scary, but I’ll give that a shot as well.

    You only live once right?

  • Kage

    Jelqing is what worked favorably well for me. I normally am quite hesitant to try any weird techniques for any reasons, but I decided to just try it out of whim, and low and behold I gained size down there. It wasn’t significant, but I can tell it’s gradually getting bigger. I don’t want to overdo it though so I take it really slow.

  • Davis R.

    Great article you guys. I really appreciate all the helpful tips you’ve posted about on this site in the past weeks. I’ve been looking for ways in increase my size and thankfull I found this site. I tried out jelqing, and as odd as it feels, I’m going to try it more in the future. Thanks again.

  • MCdre

    Yo yo yo yo bros. I wanted to come by and say you guys are brilliant. I tried out some of the techniques in this article and others on your site and I wanted to thank you. I feel like a better man and I feel as if I’m going to be able to show my women what I’ve been able to accomplish.

    You guys, please keep posting all of these articles. I was not a believer before all of this, but now I believe there are ways of increasing ones size.

  • Jack Weaver

    I’m sorry, but I’m not really sure I want to believe in these techniques. It’s nothing against you guys or anything, you have an awesome site here and I’ve learned some awesome things since bookmarking your site a couple weeks ago. I just can’t believe these techniques can work. I’ve done kegel exercises in the past and that doesn’t seem to help me and I tried some of your other techniques and I haven’t noticed much of a change.

    Maybe I’m not waiting long enough, that’s probably the case, but I just feel as if I’m losing this battle with my size. Hopefully the techniques here will help me.